Rest Day!

Yey! It’s ready day! So??! What is it then?? Well, I am going to read a book and eat sweets. Rest day is cheat day! Rest day is LOVE!10665434_1050715388273696_1712689983_n

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Letter to my 27 year old self

Today I am 31 and a day years old. Yes, 31. How did that happen?! Well, I was born on September 9,1984 and that makes me 31 years old today. In honor of my 31st birthday, I will write a letter to my 27 year old self. Why 27? Well, read and find out.

Dear Xane,

Hi there clumsy, childish and weird looking girl. How’s life treating you? How is it being a mom of a 4yrs old baby girl? How’s love life? How are you doing with your first love for being in a relationship for 8 years? I know there are lot of things going on with you now and you have been through a lot of pain and struggles. I know you are hurting and you feel like everything is so confusing and that it seems like you are in a middle of nowhere and everything sucks and fucked up!

Well then, here’s a shocker for you…..

You will get broken, your relationship with your first love will only last up to 10 years.

You will be staying in Cebu for good.

You will gain weight and you are thinking right now that it would be great because you are too skinny and gaining weight would make you sexy, well you are wrong! You will regret it and you will miss that skinny feel.

You will stop smoking and doing the bad stuff (you think it’s impossible huh?! but u sure will)

You will be strong enough to conquer your fear of underwater (it feels great underwater)

You will be a top agent. Sounds weird right?! Well, You’ll be top agent for several times and you will no longer get suspended ( haha how many times you got suspended in your previous work? 4, 5, 6?)

You will get serious in life, work, love and in almost all of your actions and you now want and make sure you are giving your best in everything you get into.

You will be responsible and mature thinking individual! Yes, you will no longer be clumsy, childish and weird! hahaha

You will find new friends and meet new amazing individuals in this new City (but you will know who your true friends are and will lost some of who you have thought are your friends for life)

You will be an amazing daugther, sister, mom, friend and an amazing person (someone will tell you this)

Aren’t you shocked yet?!

Yes, that will all happen. Trust me, I am your 31 year old self.

But here’s another shocker..

The biggest challenge you will face right now is moving on, it’s going to be very hard, real hard! But you’ll get through with it!

You will find true love. Yes you! You will fall inlove with a young boy (7yrs younger), with a kind heart and with the purest love! His name is Benjo and you will call him “wehwoo”!

You will be very happy with him and with your baby girl Borgy Jazz! And you will be feeling great with your family’s love and will be sorrounded with people who you’ll treasure for life.

No matter what you’re going through right now, it sure will pass. I’ll see you in 4 years!

Love lots,
Your 31 year old selfxanekai


Birthday message to my wehwoo ♥

Dear Wehwoo, ♥
Let me start off by telling you that you are truly a blessing from God! You are such an amazing guy and with that you fill my life with so much joy and satisfaction and you fill my heart with so much love and happiness. Now that I have you, love seems more real and true than I could ever imagine. Now I am certain that there is no other guy in this whole wide world that could ever complete me like you do.
Thank you for being my bestfriend, teamate, luchmate, grocery buddy, listener, facebook liker, password keeper, confidante and for being the best boyfriend ever! Thank you also for being persistent and consistent in your cute little ways to win my heart. You are so sweet and lovable. I love you so much to the milky way and back. I love you big time wehwoo nako.
Happy birthday wehwoo nako!
Xanekai ♥
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Cause I am Me — extraordinary

How I wish my life is simplier. But I am me. I was never simple and never will be. Everybody has gone through with pain and struggles, heartaches and etc. but mine wasn’t light, wasn’t easy and wasn’t ordinary. Every aspect of my life has a story to tell, a story that can be an entry to MMK, something to cry and laugh about. I’ve been silent for awhile, haven’t posted things like this for quite some time, coz part of my heart right now has been very happy, not just contented but satisfied, but still a part of my heart that belongs to my bittersweet small world is crampled. Like a crampled piece of paper that has written scripts that could be an answer to a question of what we called life.

Times like this. When a part of my heart is hurting — I become a poet. Just a strong proof of evidence that there is always sweetness in bitterness. Happiness in sadness. And a reason to smile to everything. Now I can really tell that everything is basically good.


Letter to my Stomach

Dear Stomach,

I’m on a diet so please cooperate. Don’t worry, I won’t starve. I will just eat less and eat healthy. Sorry if you’ll get bored digesting low carbs foods and low fat. I just want to get my old self back and enjoy shopping clothes. Hoping for your kind and consideration.

Always Hungry,