Birthday message to my wehwoo ♥

Dear Wehwoo, ♥
Let me start off by telling you that you are truly a blessing from God! You are such an amazing guy and with that you fill my life with so much joy and satisfaction and you fill my heart with so much love and happiness. Now that I have you, love seems more real and true than I could ever imagine. Now I am certain that there is no other guy in this whole wide world that could ever complete me like you do.
Thank you for being my bestfriend, teamate, luchmate, grocery buddy, listener, facebook liker, password keeper, confidante and for being the best boyfriend ever! Thank you also for being persistent and consistent in your cute little ways to win my heart. You are so sweet and lovable. I love you so much to the milky way and back. I love you big time wehwoo nako.
Happy birthday wehwoo nako!
Xanekai ♥
T18 (7)