Cause I am Me — extraordinary

How I wish my life is simplier. But I am me. I was never simple and never will be. Everybody has gone through with pain and struggles, heartaches and etc. but mine wasn’t light, wasn’t easy and wasn’t ordinary. Every aspect of my life has a story to tell, a story that can be an entry to MMK, something to cry and laugh about. I’ve been silent for awhile, haven’t posted things like this for quite some time, coz part of my heart right now has been very happy, not just contented but satisfied, but still a part of my heart that belongs to my bittersweet small world is crampled. Like a crampled piece of paper that has written scripts that could be an answer to a question of what we called life.

Times like this. When a part of my heart is hurting — I become a poet. Just a strong proof of evidence that there is always sweetness in bitterness. Happiness in sadness. And a reason to smile to everything. Now I can really tell that everything is basically good.