bad hair day

ii hate how irritable ii am today. ii hate my f*ckin’ hair. ii hate our room, its sooo messy and it feels like my prison. ii hate not being able to cook what ii want. ii hate cleaning up senseless messes. im sooo full of hate today and ii hate it.


First is not always the first…

First is not always the first…We tend to tell ourselves that the first boyfriend or girlfriend we have is our first love. We force ourselves to glue on our brains that they are our first because of the good memories that was made and feelings that was shared. They are all cherished and will always be part of our life, but the thing to it is that we will be lying to ourselves. To others point of view, first love is experienced by sharing the same feeling with their first partner. And to others, it is when more sacrifices are made and to fight for what they believe in of the word ‘love’. For what I have experienced, first love came when I felt I was ready to settle down, putting aside every fun and social circles I have, just to focus and prioritize one person whom I love the most. Doing everything I can just for the relationship to grow and prosper, building a good foundation of trust, making necessary choices to not make our relationship be dwindled down by a mistake, and be able to understand and put pride down. So it boils down to point on how a person define First Love is. Would it be the first boyfriend or girlfriend you have? Or would it be the first feeling of readiness in life wherein you can make things happen and to let go just to pave way for that ‘love’ to prosper? It is up to you to find out.

—- Lexuzze Tablante