love is bullshit ~★

love is bullshit. it’s makin’ me sick. ii don’t like the feeling of falling inlove or even the idea of love. whatever it is —- is a piece of shit. this is just for myself. coz u guys out there has all the option to choose. ii aint got mine. hate me for saying this. hate me for being such a drama princess. ii am what u r not. ii think in a way no one can predict. ii am far from perfect but im real. — chill guys. im cool. im good. whatever. judge me. hate me. *** still — love is bullshit.


from my heart to your heart

I shouldn’t still feel like this, not after this much time. You shouldn’t be able to affect me this much. I shouldn’t catch myself constantly drifting off, daydreaming about what was and replaying all the old memories. Little things said or done shouldn’t still remind me of what used to be. You shouldn’t be all that I think about. Not after this constant hurt. Not after all this time. But boy, I have a feeling you’re going to be the one I compare everyone to from now on.